About Our Community

Welcome to our community! We feel passionately that it is of deep importance for each of our gatherers to feel aligned with our facilitators and our set and setting.  Each of our guardians have extensive experience in both participating in and facilitating in ceremonial settingsEach hold unique specialties such as musical backgrounds, education in psychology, yoga and meditation training and energy and bodywork modalities. It would be our pleasure to video chat with you and answer any questions you may have and so we may assure we have a match made in the spirit realm :-).  We may also suggest that you attend one of our Yoga & Soundbath events to be introduced to us as well as our set and setting.




(Facilitator & Musician) 

of the music project Harmala. As a graduate from Berklee College of Music and self taught guitarist from the age of ten, Danny is a skilled musician and offers a deeply grounding energy.  He has been facilitating shamanic ceremonies for four years and has the innate ability to synchronize his music and guardianship with the vibe of the people. He is the guy who waters the roots of the operation and sees that each individual is well taken care of.  His music project Harmala combines synths, guitar and vocal looping, chanting and sounds of the jungle. Danny brings a modern approach to meditative and ceremonial music, one that does not compromise the intimacy and sensitivity of the shamanic setting.

Connect: harmala.music


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(Guide & Musician) 

musician, massage therapist, yoga practitioner and guide (Kundalini, Tantra, Yin).  Lia Light holds a passion for guiding others in  living a "Tantric Life"- that is fully feeling, expanding vision and truly embracing the mind body connection.  With her family having roots in Hawaii, she possesses mermaid vibes and values of preserving the land, malama 'aina! and bringing community together. Lia's love for the arts lead her on a path of studying graphic design and art history, bodywork and yoga. She enjoys cooking plant-based meals, singing, playing the guitar, painting and guiding others in exploring their visionary states of consciousness through movement, journey and meditation. She has spent years designing and decorating her home temple to become a place of healing and unity. 

Connect: mytantriclife

IG: @my.tantric.life

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(Yoga Teacher & Guardian) 

movement and meditation teacher, guardian and Goddess Gatherings facilitator.  As a graduate from USC with a degree in psychology and a yoga and meditation teacher of nearly a decade, Chelsea has always held great regard for the relationship of the mind and body.  She experienced her first series of shamanic ceremonies in 2014 in Ecuador where she spent two weeks in the jungle diving into experiential healing. This yoga fairy brings her airy vibes and shares wisdom from a variety of spiritual teachers and texts along with her own journey of growth and expanded awareness.    

Connect: yogafairychelsea