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About Our Gatherings
Blue Hummingbird

Welcome to Sacred Gatherings! Our gatherings are filled with self healing, expanded awareness, heart-filled connections and meditative, ceremonial music created for the shamanic setting.  The fusion of digital technology and earthy acoustic and percussion music from cultures around the world fuels both the journey and the integration of the experience.


Our intention is to offer a safe container and vehicle for this type of healing work where you connect with your most powerful teacher- you.  Our prayers are for each individual to surrender to universal love. We believe in a balanced approach to healing from watering the roots to opening the third eye. 

It is in our experience that the most important elements of a sacred ceremony are the set and setting, the music, and the container as a whole. We have put forth our love, experience and energy to create a beautiful home temple that includes zen elements of design, peaceful and colored lighting, yoga props, stimulating artwork, physical body comforts and a variety of indoor and outdoor space for reflection and connection. Each guide here does his or her own work and we do not recognize any type of hierarchy for facilitators, guardians or gathering participants, as we are all continuing to explore and expand. We are always growing, learning and shifting as we flow with the needs of the community. 

We hold our intimate gatherings with a maximum of 12 gatherers, as reverent ceremonial meditations where much of the time is spent on inner vision and reflection.  We do our own individual work with the support and in the presence of community.  This is a judgment free zone and every gatherer is free to be vulnerable and may trust to do their work in a supportive environment. There will be plenty of time for nourishing snacks, cuddles, conversation and connection after the conclusion of the facilitated portion of ceremony and in the morning share circle.  Making contacts and staying connected to your fellow gatherers can be a powerful integration tool.

On this website, you will find information about our facilitators, our mindful events, helpful integration tools and a variety of regularly updated articles. Connect with us @sacred_gatherings to stay updated on events. 


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We look forward to Gathering with you!

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