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Palomar Mountain Retreat Cuisine

We will be serving all organic, plant based and gluten free cuisine for this retreat! The Palomar Lodge is equipped with filtered water and instant hot water for tea, so, bring your canteens and lets reduce our plastic water bottle usage! 

Our beautiful and talented Chef Michel and her partner Janaki will be your "kitchen witches". They truly create magic and art in the kitchen that is filled with love and nutrients. We will be sending out a form for each gatherer to fill out to include any allergies, dietary restrictions and food dislikes and favorites so they may create a menu that will be sure to delight all. The retreat meals will be chalk full of macro and micronutrients, healthy fats, proteinantioxidants and plenty of YUM and Umami flavor! Current plant based eaters and omnivores alike will leave the retreat with new, fun snack and meal ideas to share with friends and family. 

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